Cervical Cancer thats spread to my bladder and colon

Hi everyone and thanks so much for sharing your stories,

I don’t really know where I stand as far as staging my cancer. After abnormal pap in early July 2016,
I was sent to a specialist who said he saw possible cancer cells and sent me to a oncologist on July 28,2016 who performed a biopsy that came back as cervical cancer that she said was stage 2.
I then was sent for a cone biopsy which didn’t get done because it was more advanced than originally thought. I was told I have invasive squamous cell carcinoma , I have a tumor 1.7cm x 0.9cm x 0.5 cm on my cervix and it had jump to a small area on my vaginal wall, however, it was very curable.

I had a PetSCAN done yesterday for treatment strategy and feel as though I have received my death sentence.

My Pet reads Invasive squamous cell carcinoma, 8 cm endophytic primary, less parametrial involvement within 1 cm of the pelvic sidewall, now vaginal, bladder, rectal involvement, final stage IIB

I have no idea what a lot of the above means other than its not a good outcome once cancer has entered your rectum and bladder.

I was left with this information until I have a conference Monday 22, 2016 to discuss my PetScan and the course of treatment.
I don’t have a large support system but am thankful for what I do have. I pray whatever the outcome that I am left humble and to be thankful for what I do have.

Thanks for taking the time to hear my story!

Right. Is that 'now vaginal bladder involvememt' comment a typo? does it mean No. Because if it's no you are indeed stage 2b if you have bladder and rectum involved its 4. I reckon that is a VERY unfortunate typo which should say No.

No its not a typo that area was copied and pasted from my PetScan results.

I am freaking out, I am so mad that they posted this in my online medical file without any regard to how someone would react on seeing this!!!



But it says 'now' I reckon that's a typo and should say no. If it was in your rectum and bladder you would be stage 4. 


8/9/2016, cervix biopsy invasive squamous cell carcinoma, 8 cm




endophytic primary, less parametrial involvement within 1 cm of the




pelvic sidewall, now vaginal, bladder, rectal involvement, final stage








I have no idea what you are asking and why you are being so obsessed with the word now, maybe its because it was said I was stage 11 and NOW its not




I  didnt come here to argue of No or Now, I was looking for support but nevermind! Thanks for the compassionate stage 4a diagnosis and words of encouragement.


I will take my obviously annoying post down and thanks for the reminder of why more people dont share


It's realky hard to explain this by text. Your report says 'now vaginal etc etc involvement' if that were true your report would say final stage 4. Because if it's in your vagina, bladder, rectum it is stage 4. 


Your report says final stage 2b. Therefore where it says 'now' I think should say no. As in 'no vaginal, bladder, rectum involvement' if you are not clear on what constitutes stages look them up. They have a very clear definition of what spread constitutes which stage. 

A typo on the report not by you!!

Hi Melina, 


i agred with 365... To me it looks like there is indeed a typing error in your pathology report. I think the "now" is meant to say "no"


your final staging is stage2- which def doesn't involve the bladder or Rectum. 


Its not you that's made a typing error- the error is on your report. 

Hi I do have to agree with the others. Stage 2 wouldn't include the spread you've outlined from your notes it would be stage 4. I haven't had cervical cancer, but during investigations I researched into it and the different stages and although not medically trained myself, I am aware of the different stages. If they've said stage 2 then it is definitely a typo and should have said "No".

Hi Mel 

i have stage 2b cervical cancer. My report indicated no bladder or bowel involvement. I also agree that it seems the actual report has a typo. It should state "no" not "now". Just ring them and ask. If your bowel and bladder were involved you would be stage 4. 

i am currently in chemorad and its not so bad. Very manageable. Try to breathe and know regardless of stage there are treatments available. Do not panic. Get clarification and focus on the fact that cc can be very treatable. 

No one is trying to upset you. We are all IN This together and you are not alone. Pls don't be upset. This community is very helpful And full of wonderful women who want to help you. 


Completely agree Melina its most certainly a typo. The final diagnosis of 2b would definitely suggest that. Be assured that all the ladies on here are only wanting to help and you will find lots of support here. dont be a stanger this place is really good to tell other people your worries and get much needed assurance and support. 365 days was trying to do just that and has done so much over the years inspite of her own ongoing battles. Dont worry its so easy to read things one way especially. when youve just had a shock like that!! Come back everybody is here for you. Much love d.x

I'm glad others agree. 

Melina, dont worry you've upset me. I'm a tough old bird and understand how stressed you are. When I was where you are now I was raging at anyone and everyone. It's called cancer rage for a reason. 

What a shock it must of been to believe it had spread so intensively. A lot of us here, are old timers and while none of us (that I know of) are medically trained we do know our stuff when it comes to staging. 

Hi Melina:

I'm so glad that your meeting is on Monday so that you can clarify your results and get your treatment plan organized.

There are several women on here with stage 2 and it seems like chemo/rads is the usual treatment. I'm sure they'll be more than happy to answer any questions you have if you have a similar plan.

I hate that the probable typo on your report has given you such a crap weekend of worry. I hope you'll come back on Monday and tell us how you're meeting went. We're all here to hold your hand and support you.

Good luck

t x 


Hi Melina :-)

Welcome to the forum :-) I am glad you have found us here but obviously very sorry about your circumstances. It appears that you are extremely stressed which is totally understandable. I know that I would be completely freaking out if I read on my report "now vaginal, bladder, rectal involvement"

However, it is because I too was a final stage IIB myself that I have to agree with the others that the letter "w" following the letters "no" is an error on the part of the hospital. 

Be that as it may, there are very many women on this forum who have been cured from stage 2b (and yes, II is two and not eleven) and we even have some women who have been cured from a stage 4 (which is the highest stage).

So yes, very scary and upsetting but excellent news that you have your consultation on Monday (tomorrow) so you won't have to wait too terribly long to get this clarified. If your consultant agrees that the letter "w" is an error, feel free to rip his head off. But if he confirms that your tumour has indeed invaded your vagina, bladder and rectum then come straight back here and we will give you as much comfort and support as possible :-)


Be lucky :-)

Hi Melina:

Just checking in to see how your meeting went on Monday.

love t x


Hi, I have advanced cancer as my cancer had caused a hole in my bladder and had begun to grow in one of my kidney tubes - try not to panic as its not the end of the world as such I know it's hard but make sure you phone the hospital and mention what you have read so the doctors can confirm if what is written is correct or a typing error otherwise you may have to wait longer to find out.

 I had all my treatment last year and now im living my life again despite a few side effects reminding me 

Hi I hope you are doing ok? 

i was also diagnosed with 1B1 CC last March and had radical hysterectomy. Apparently all lymph nodes and margins were clear and was cited just needed 3 monthly follow up. At my last follow up - 8 months post op they attempted to do a vault smear and I bled every where. I had an exam under anaesthetic where they saw a huge timuniur at top of my cabins shuchbtgey biopsied. MRI and PET scans show it is in my bladder wall and attached to my Rectum. My consultants told me they could cure this with chemo radiotheraoy. I decided to get a second opinion from another major cancer cebtre. They did not agree with treatment plan and advised drastic surgery to remove my tumour and bladder and I would have a uristomy for life. I would pee into a bag on my stomach. I am meeting Drs on Monday to discuss but am at a loss as to what to do. Has anyone had chemo radiotherapy and then surgery if needed afterwards for bladder involvement? My team feel surgery straight away is too radical and want to shrink it first and then possibly do surgery, 2nd opinion team don't feel this is an option. I also have an affected lymph node that I roll need to have radiation to any way. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you 

takw care xxxxxx

Hi Frankie 

I'm so sorry to hear you are again having to fight this dreadful demon. im not sure if anyone can give you the right decision or advise you of the choice you are facing. I can say that if I knew I would be facing chemorad anyways then I would hold off on such a radical operation. In the end you might have to have this surgury but if there is a chance then I think I would try that route. BUT. This is your choice!!! Only you can make this decision. Trust in yourself and once you have made it then never look back. 

Giid luck with everything. Sending you a big virtual hug!!!


Hi Lolli888

i hope its ok if I ask a few questions?

i had my regular pap which came back positive for cancer, had colposcopy appointment the same day when 3 punch biopsies were performed. Had MRI 2 days later and an appointment with the consultant who confirmed I was Stage II as it stood but needed a PET to confirm there was no other involvement, results will be given this Tuesday, fingers crossed!

The treatment that has been outlined to me are 25 external radio sessions with 5 chemo (1 per week) and then 3 internal radio under general anaesthetic.  This sounds similar to yours?

i am 49,relatively fit, eat healthily, non smoker, non drinker. Can I ask what I should expect realistically from each aspect of the treatment? I need to be able to look after my husband who was diagnosed with spinal bone lymphoma in June 2016 and he has been left partially paralysed and actually begins his radiotherapy treatment on 10 April!

it still doesn't feel real!

Thank you for any advice

Wendym x