Cervical Cancer symptoms - The rundown

Cervical Cancer symptoms - The rundown

I am well aware of the standard responses to this question, as they can be found on many different Cancer sites.

- vaginal bleeding
- pelvic pain
- pain during intercourse
- unusual vaginal discharge
- increased urine frequency
- pelvic suffering
- unusual bleeding between menstrual periods

Furthermore, Pap tests are used in case of lacking symptoms (see preinvasive carcinoma). Unfortunately, the above listed symptoms can also be caused by other conditions.   Therefore, I would be interested in answers to the following questions, based on personal experience.

- What was the deciding factor(s) that prompted you to suspect you had cancer and see a doctor?
- About how long did it take you, to make a decision to consult a doctor?
- Was your positive diagnosis the result of a routine screening (i.e., Pap test), visit, etc?
- Did you see a physician because you made that decision, or were you encouraged by a family member, friend, co-worker etc. because you mentioned changes in your body?
- What is your age group?
- Did you think about cancer, its consequences for people, already before you discovered your own illness?

Thanks for reading.

If you wish to conduct a survey, then I suggest that rather than rattling off a series of questions (the answers to which are none of your business), you have the decency to contact Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust directly and arrange it through the proper channels, rather than attempting to hijack a section of a forum which is for women who have recently been diagnosed and are therefore very vulnerable. But then you know that already, which is exactly why you've chosen to do it in this way. Better still, contact a university and arrange it through them; then you might actually start to understand the definition of 'cancer facts'. 

I know exactly who you are and the kind of snake oil nonsense that you peddle. That you have attempted to use this kind and supportive forum for your own appalling and dangerous ends shows exactly the sort of human being that you are. 


Sorry, nobody here peddling snake oil or anything else.  These are just a few simple questions anyone can answer,

if they feel up to it.  No more no less. 

We both know that's not true. The point remains that if you wish to conduct a survey, you should do it through the proper channels. This is a forum for support, not a farm for you to harvest marketing information. 

No surey here.  Just a handful of questions.