cervical cancer swabs screening

hi i recently had my cervical smear and the nurse was a bit worryed that i had all the symptoms of cervical cancer and told me not to worry and that i would et the results in the post i got a letter today but with no results on it just telling me to make an appointment with my doctor to discuss my results now im really worryed wouldnt they of just said clear if there was nothing wrong? is this normal to have to see the doctor for results? i cant get an appointment till 2moz so just no im gonna be worrying all night can anyone tell me if this is a normal way or should i be worryed? please help

Hi Kirsty

Its natural to feel frightened and you have definitely come to the right place as there are lots of supportive ladies and loads of experiences and info on here. When I got my letter, it said I had high grade dyskaryosis - it also said that I needed to make an appointment wit my GP to discuss. From what I have seen on here, if the results are serious, you are normally referred immediately to colposcopy and you would be receiving a letter to give yo a date. The fact that it tells you to go to your doctor to discuss might be because its something that may need treatment, but its not so urgent that you need an appointment right now. My results were moderate high grade changes and apparently according to my GP a few years ago I would have been left for 6 months to observe. Nowadays they like to get in there and take a look to be on the safe side. WIth any luck it might just be borderline changes or mild changes that dont need treatmnt for now.

I know its difficult (I got my letter on a sat and had to wait until Tues so I understand the waiting is hard) but try not to worry yourself too much. Your symptoms are more likely to be completely unrelated. From reading some of the ladies posts on here, often no symptoms occur at all, andthose that do have symptoms find out they are completely unrelated and are maybe due to an erosion or to other conditions.

I hope that helps a little, have some wine tonight and take your mind off things. And let us know how you get on tomorrow.


Hi Kirsty,

That's what was written in my letter too, and like you I was freaked out thinking it must be so bad they can't even put the result in the letter. If the smear result was normal it would say so in the letter, it might be that the result is not straightforward and needs to be explained to you properly or it could be just that some areas give the results differently. Good luck you'll be fine- I know it's easier said than done. You might need a colposcopy but you'll feel better once you know exactly what's going on.