Cervical Cancer support


My name is Bosco Maxmos Sabuloni. Am a first born in  a family of six children and my mother is having 65 yrs now.Last year she was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer and its now in stage 2.I have gone different hospitals and we are yet to hear the results from cut of her body fresh and will be out next week to hear the wayforward. My wish is for her to go for operation and funds can be another challenge when it will be chome therapy. How can you advise me now. Currently my mother stays with me in my home .I will be glad to hear more indeed



Hi Bosco,

It depends on the size of the tumour, where it has grown into, what type of cancer and whether lymph nodes are involved and where those lymph nodes are. They individually plan the treatment according to the individual. There is usually a gynae oncologist (the surgeon), medical oncologist (chemo specialist) and radiation oncologist (radiation specialist). 

The doctors will advise your mother which way to progress that is best for her.

Goodluck with everything.