Cervical cancer return?..

I had a radical hysterectomy in 2005,everything was taken apart from my ovaries.  I needed no treatment as I was told they had removed all the cancer.  I had follow up check ups which consisted of internals.  I got my 5 year clear in 2010.

I found out last year I have an ovarian cyst, non cancerous.  In Feb 2013 I had a operation to try and remove cyst and ovary.  They could not be removed as I have too much scar tissue and bowel. So I just suffer with the pain.  Good days bad days.

Yesterday I had quite a lot of vaginal bleeding, I don't and can't bleed.lol.  I went to free my doctor and she was worried in case cyst has burst and started to bleed out, but after speaking to a gynaecologist she was informed cysts bleed into them selves and not outwards.  She also said because of my history with cervical cancer she would be more tend to worry abt that.  I have an appt as emergency referral on Friday at hospital.

My question is can cervical cancer return after a radical hysterectomy and bearing in mind all I have are my ovaries?




Hi Susan, I can't answer your questions but wanted to let you know that I hope everything turns out well on Friday and your in my thoughts



Good luck, fingers crossed.

Good luck with your appointment. Thinking of you.

Hi Susan,

The simple answer is that yes, it can return. Obviously you don't have a cervix any more but it can return in the tissue of your vagina (or elsewhere in your pelvis although this is unlikely to cause bleeding).

However, there are lots of reasons that you might have bleeding and my understanding is that most of these are much less worrisome and much more likely than your cancer coming back. So, you have done absolutely the right thing in getting it checked out immediately.

Do try not to worry too much until you know exactly what's going on - easy to say, I know - and as all the ladies have said, best of luck xxx