Cervical Cancer Prevention Week


My name is Natalie Jones, I am 27 years old and I am unable to have smear tests ever again unless I am asleep. The reason for this is because I had all of my large intestine, rectum and back passage removed due to Crohn’s disease and therefore there is too much scar tissue to perform the procedure. I fear for the future because I already have 21 diagnosed medical conditions, and this is one I cannot prevent :frowning: Any advice. Also, may I just say, that I have recently set up a support group on Facebook for ALL Mental, Physical and Social Health problems and this week we are raising awareness of Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. The group is a bit slow at the minute as it is newly set up, however, please feel free to come over and say hell. I have shared a lot of Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust pictures and information to help support and raise awareness :slight_smile: I am doing my bit to raise awareness to make people aware of how important it is to have regular smear tests. I, however, cannot!. Nice to meet you all and if you would like to join my support group, the link address is…https://www.facebook.com/groups/1107786835912698/