cervical cancer not detected

Hi I'm Mandy, i'm ne to this group, i'mm 44yrs old 3 weeks post op total hysterectomy, diagnosed with cervical cancer 5yr ago, been on yearly smears, had colposcopy only 7 month ago, and nothing detected, how can this be that now i've had my hysterectomy, i had stage 1b cervical cancer, they think the tumour is out, but don't have much of a clearance margin, had surgeon known about cancer i'd have had a radical hyst, been to see oncologist doctor today & they said i could have chemo & radiation treatment, or another op to remove lymph nodes fatty tissue where cervix was & vaginal cuff, opted for the surgery, oncology doctor has never seen nothing like it, 5yrs ago had the loop for CIN 2, but today been told that i actually had CIN 3, they should have went wider & cleared it all, so in five years it's been slow growing till i started having problems again, had they not done my hysterectomy it would have been to late, do not understand why it hasn't been picked up on a smear, just shows nothing is a 100%, listen to your bodies ladies, i was told the irregular bleeding was probably just my hormones, so pleased i asked to be referred back to gynae, still not out of danger yet, lets hope it hasn't went to my lymph nodes

Thats awful, it makes my blood boil. I had been going to docs since xmas last year with classic symptoms of cc, had I not had a severe bleed in august I would not have been for a scan, 9 weeks later mind!! I TLRH to remove tumor stage 1b1 grade 3, margins and nodes clear but still need chemotherapy etc...hope everything works out for you with your treatment

So sorry that it went like that for you, I'm still seething after reading your comment-xxxx
Don't know what to say, sometimes it just seems like the system in place fails a good few of us! I almost had to approach TD's & campaign for my surgery (am in Ireland), & waited 70 days for my surgery from the date when they found the tumour & confirmed it was CC! Thank God I'm almost 2 wks pre-op now xxxx All the best

Hi Ladies, just to let you all know, i had my second opereration on the 8th Jan 2014, was complicated, was in theatre over 5 hours, there was damage to bladde during op...had 14 lymph nodes removed, all of fatty tissue where cervix was & vaginal cuff...results 2 weeks later were all good, showing no signs of cancer in anything that was removed, had 6 week check this week and everything looks & feels good, on long term follow ups every 3 month for 2yr, then every 6 month for next 3yr...still traumatised at the fact that it went undetected for 5yr & that i was told it was my hormones & my age, feel like the doctors thought ''here she is again complaining'' i just knew things didn't feel right though...no more treatment required since this op, thanks for replies, take care xxxx


Hi how you doing hun? xxxx