Cervical cancer newly diagnosed

Thanks for allowing me to join. I’m scared to death. I have to have a PET test done tomorrow. Is that bad?

Hi Kayla 

im guessing since the title of your post say newly diagnosed that you have indeed been given the diagnosis of cervical cancer and now you are having some tests done to stage your cancer. A PET scan is usually done to see if there are any lymphnodes that have been affected. Which is the normal procedure.

The PET is not hard, you will have an injection done during the scan and it will give you a warm sensation and you will feel you are urinating but you are NOT!

Please stick around the forum and ask away any questions you have. I know you must be really scared but cc is very curable.

It does help if you can give us some back ground info about your diagnosis so we know exactly where you are on this journey. 

All the best today. 

Hi im Kay and I'm also recently diagnosed and I'm just playing the waiting game now until my mdt meeting on Wednesday 15th to find out the results from my MRI and pet scan that I had last Monday. Don't worry about having the pet scan it doesn't take long...the dye does give you a funny sensation but it doesn't last long...everyone who has had a diagnosis of cc from a biopsy is usually sent for various scans for them to be able to stage it and be able to decide the appropriate treatment.. I find this group invaluable and has helped me immensely over the last few weeks with various questions I've had...this is the scariest time all of the waiting but I'm feeling a little better as I get closer to the time of my staging...good luck on your journey 

kay xx

Pet scan was quick  n painless i had  to have  an injection  then wait  bout an hr  quite  n still in  a room  for it to work  then  i had to use the loo before my scan  the injection  made  the  tumour n lythnodes show up more  good luck  tomorrow  xx

Hi Kayla :-)

Welcome to the forum :-) I've joined this conversation a bit late so I hope everything went well yesterday. This is absolutely the best place on the whole internet for you right now so stick around and chat with us :-) Ask all your questions here and you will get truthful, rapid and thorough answers. Keep away from Google because it will only raise more questions and more anxiety. As Lolli has said, this is a really curable cancer, my diagnosis was over five years ago and I have been cancer-free ever since.

Let us know how you get along :-)
Be lucky :-)