Cervical cancer at 26 (children mentioned)

I don’t really know how to word this or what to say but this is my story...


In March I turnt 26!

Just before my birthday I had my first smear.. put it off a year due to first smear being a negative experience.

After this I was looking forward to a holiday and didn’t think anything more.

Beginning of April I received a letter to say my cells were abnormal so needed a colposcopy.

within a fortnight I went in for a colposcopy and Loop in 1 appointment.. not pleasant experience at all as went in without reading any information I was given... having a phobia of needles etc I went in very open minded.


4 weeks to wait now for results..

Received a letter to see a doctor in Glouscester hospital.

Again went in very open minded.. giggling in the corridor with my partner thinking it was a check up from previous procedure (loop)

4 ladies in the room.. I then felt very nervous...

she knelt forward.... Im afraid it‘s not good news Katie 

Our hearts dropped.... I still can’t rememeher to this day what the Doctor said to me...

I had to ask her... So does this mean I have CERVICAL CANCER..

I didnt know how to react to this...I have a little girl.... I wanted my mum 

My fiancé and I just crumbled....collapsed in a heap


im trying to find a young women who is going through the same as me.. being so young this isn’t as common ...

Ive recently had a tracaletcomy which means I can still have children GP led and Csection. They took my cervix and lymph nodes... still in quite a bit of pain at the top of my legs... have to me careful with lymphodema... 

I had the all clear which is amazing but my whole life has just been turns upside down

currently still off work sick and not quite sure how to feel 


Thankyou for reading xxx

Cervical cancer

Hi Katie, I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, sending positive vibes your way! I'm not in the same situation as you as I'm still awaiting my results.  I put off my smear for 4 years, I'm now 29.  I came off holiday to find a letter saying I needed a colposcopy and like yourself, didn't read any literature as it was all a little shock.  When I got there they told me they'd be doing a LLETZ as they already new it was high grade.  That was 3 weeks ago on Wednesday.  I'm really concerned and upset as I haven't had children yet, it's always something I had planned but always put my work and hobbies before starting a family, I'm now worried about any implications and my results.  My doctor advised I am at high risk of having cancerous cells as from what she seen, I am CIN3.  Could I ask you a few questions?  How did they invite you back (call/letter), how did you get through the waiting period, do you know your steps forward?  xxx

Hi Kirstie 

hope your ok lovely 

so they invited me back through letter 2 weeks early to finding out my results.. I thought it was just a check up ...

so for me they did a tracalectomy which meant I could still have children with GP lead appointments and a C section .. not for a few years though 

bless you I’m sending you a big hug! please keep in touch and let me know how you get it on xx


Hey Katie. So sorry to hear of your diagnosis in the beginning I was in the same position as you I was diagnosed at 26 when my little girl was only 1 year old. And very much like you I sat in the waiting room chuckling not knowing what to expect. I was diagnosed stage 1b and had a radical hysterectomy, I had clear margins but I then had proventative radiotherapy anyhow. A month or so after this ended I got rushed into hospital in chronic pain I had a blockage in my kidney caused by radiotherapy and there they found the cancer in my lymph nodes a a small growth on lower abdomen. I had 8 rounds of intense chemotherapy, it wasn't a walk in the park and at that time I was classed as palliative treatment. I am 2.5 years on from treatment and 100% cancer free and have been since December 2015 so now classes as partial remission.. It does turn your life upside down but you know what embrace it, it changed me for the better it changed my outlook on life I was off work for a very long time and I am now in a job that I absolutely love my little girl is thriving and my life is just great. If you need to talk any questions let me know. 

Gosh what I'm going through now is similar to what you had started out With! 

I'm so nervous, been recalled 4 weeks after lletz for high grade cin3.. my appointment is with the consultant gyno-obstetrician... can I ask who told you? 


I'm glad your treatment went well and that you can still go on to have more children xx