Cervical cancer as a secondary cancer




I've read how cervical cancer can take anywhere from 10 to 20 years to develop, but I’m wondering if anyone on here has experience of cervical cancer as a secondary cancer, and if so, how long did it take to appear after your primary cancer diagnosis?  I'm assuming that as a secondary, it reaches maturity far faster than the 10 to 20 years generally quoted.  Is it also the case that the overall progression of the disease is far quicker?






Hi whatever, I don't know if the following may be of help to you. In the 3 years up to starting the menopause I had similiar symptoms to you , ie , bloating, frequent need to pee & dizziness 18mths after periods stopped at age 55 I experienced bleeding & was told it was 'a period' as I still had a working follicle which showed up on an ultrasound. 18mths later had the same thing, of course was sure this was uterine cancer. I had a hysteroscopy which showed a small benign polyp which was causing the bleeding. I think the anxiety caused by all these symptoms can cause the mind to go bonkers usually thinking the worst. I was told that very often unusual & worrying symptoms can have a simple explanation . I wish you all good luck with your tests, try not to worry too much, one day at a time is a goofs mantra ive found. xx

Sorry, meant good mantra. I am NOT good on this iPhone. Xx

Hi Whatever,

I am no doctor and so it is probably best to ask a real one, but to the best of my knowledge Cervical Cancer is never a secondary cancer. Like other cancers, it can spread to other places such as bladder, lungs, stomach, pancreas, bones etc. etc. but I don't think there are any other cancers which metastasize to the cervix. Don't take my word for it, speak to a doctor.

Go well