Cervical cancer and pregnant

Hi. Il recently married 31 years old pregnant 11 weeks. I got diagnosed one month ago with stage 2b cervical cancer 4cm it got to the parametrial ( only one ) . They suggested terminating the pregnancy which i refused this is my first pregnancy ( and last ).
They started to think that maybe chemo will stop the cancer from spreading untill 26 or 28 weeks to induce the delivery but my doctor is not very confident 50% chance that it can work alone …
And waiting can cause me my life , mri and other tests showed no spreading to lungs or brain but they are scared if i wait a few more months it will go strate to stage 3 … im scared please someone answer me i need positive experiences i know its hard to find experiences with pregnancies …

Oh gosh, what an awful situation you are in. I am so very sorry.

There was a lady in this situation called Cara Donaldson in Jo’s. Sadly she is no longer with her but you can find her story online as there was an article about her in The Sun. Cara may not be with us but her little girl still is and is doing brilliantly.

Could you consider egg harvesting and surrogacy as an alternative.

I wish you all the luck in the world with this awful decision

Hi thank you for your reply. Im in france surrogacy is not an option because they dont allow it. And going to another country is very expensive we dont have the money to do it. Adopting is very difficult here you cant take a new born and there is a waiting list it can goes to 5 years and you have to be in a good situation financially to be able to adopt. What about the lady who was pregnant ?? She did not make it !? If you can put the link in so i can read her story. Im dreaming about this baby every night and singing to him every day …

Hi Sirine

I haven’t had the same experience as you but just to let you know there are some old posts on this forum from a lady who was in a similar situation to you.

Her user name is starlight22 - see following link: https://forum.jostrust.org.uk/u/starlight22/summary

I wish you all the best with this very difficult situation.

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I was reading the story of cara donaldson. I have the same size 4 cm and a stage 2 b. Next month im starting chemo hopfully that it can stable the stage or shrink a little bit the size. And a c section is planned for 26 /28 weeks. I did not refuse the chemo while pregnant because they reassured me that the developpement of the baby is on the first 3 months there is no harm after that. Im praying every night , i looked for the fb of cara there is no update and the last post is from 2018. On the article they did not say that she die*d but last know that her tumor came back to other organs …

What stage you were in please ?

Sorry Sirine, I did not realise you are in France. “No longer with us” is an expression to say she did not survive. I went to her funeral. Although she died, she did no regret continuing with pregnancy and her little girl is lovely. She was called CD84 in this forum if you want to read her posts. Don’t forget every story is different. I hope a good outcome for you.


Update. I had a scan today first trimester and the baby is fine everything is good
I saw my doctor and she told me that im not having chemo at all till delivery i was a little bit sad because i was thinking thats the only thing that can stable the cancer right now. But all of my doctors refused and said i will be doing mri everymonth to see the extension of the tumor and choose the right time to deliver the baby starting from 25 weeks to 30 . Now im 13 weeks