Cervical cancer and breastfeeding

Hi everyone, I'm Laura 29 years old and I have just been diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer.

I have a question that is stressing me out more than the diagnosis itself. I am awaiting and extra MRI and CT scan but have already been informed I will need a radical tracehelectomy and sentinel node biopsy. My issue is I am still exclusively breastfeeding my 6 month old baby. I am personally not ready to stop and I would love to hear if anyone else has been in this situation  and what happened when you was in hospital.

As a nurse myself I have asked my hospital to try and make provisions to allow me to have him in hospital with me. Does anyone know your rights with reference to feeding?

I feel like being told I have to spend time away from him could make me have a melt down. At present I'm in over drive and havent really accepted the diagnosis as have to be strong for my little boy.

Would appreciate any feedback?

Thank you xxx

What treatment  will  u b having  x

Hi Laura 

im sure you will be allowed to have the baby come visit as much as you are able to tolerate it. As for the breast feeding you will be on very strong painkillers so you will have to pump enough milk before hand to have supply for him when you are drugged up. you will have to keep pumping and dumping the milk while you have meds in your system to keep your supply up. Seek help from the local breast feeding clinic so the can help you through this. They will have many suggestions for you and the support will be beneficial when you need an advocate for yourself while in the hospital as they will make sure that the hospital allows you to have baby there as much as possible. 

Good luck sweetie. I was diagnosed when my baby was 7-8 mths. I gave up feeding about 6mths as it became very hard for me. As long as you feel you can then don't feel pressured to stop. 

Big hugs

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Hi…may I ask where you were located when you were offered sentinel node biopsy? They don’t offer it where I am…thanks…Sandi