Cervical cancer 2015 now 8 years later low grade dyskaryosis

In 2015 I went for my first smear to find out I had cervical cancer , Stage 1b and a cancerous tumour within my vaginal wall. Which led me into having LLETZ and an operation cone biopsy to remove 3 quarters of my cervix … leaving not much left. Over the past 8 years I have had routine check ups always been smooth sailing. However , last year I had HPV virus , routine check this year and HPV and also detected “low grade dyskaryosis”. This now has caused me to worry , feel anxious because of my history. What would anyone advise wise give as I feel at this point im concerned. Colposcopy is booked.

@WilliamsC hi and I am sorry to say welcome back. I don’t have any advice from a personal experience.

Just wanted to say what you are feeling is natural and the fact the smear have detected changes again means they will be able to treat you again.

Do you know what this means ? I’m not sure at this point if this is serious or not … obviously worry takes over