Cervical cancer 1A

Hi all,
Can anyone tell me why I need to have another lletz before the hysterectomy?I was diagnosed with severe cin3 from my punch biopsy then had lletz which show the cin3 and also cancer cells.I got diagnosed Friday and was told I need bloods taken,mri and ct scan,another lletz and hysterectomy x

Hello - I’m similar to this and was diagnosed with Cervical cancer via a punch biopsy. I don’t have CIN3, and surface cells are normal, but they’ve called me to book me in for a LLETZ. I’m unsure why i need this if there isn’t any abnormal surface cells?!
Can i ask how you were following LLETZ - Im terrified. x


I was diagnosed on 04/12/23 I was told early but they haven’t officially staged me yet, only had an MRI 2 weeks ago and still waiting for the results. They originally told me I couldn’t have another LLETZ and have a hysterectomy but I have no idea what they will do because they then said another LLETZ as well. I have found they tell you this stuff but don’t explain why, and I have just been left more confused and stressed due to the wait. I think it depends on each different trust.


Hi, My story is very similar to yours. Colposcopy looked like Cin3 but came back with cancer cells, ive had a pet /ct scan, a cone biopsy, pelvic mri. Now just waiting on the staging confirmation before hysterectomy. They want clear margins from the procedures before they do the hysterectomy from what i understand.

Hi, I’ve had the same experience, diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma on Monday, had MRI today, got CT tomorrow and then booked in for another…I think lletz in 10 days, at consultation they discussed hysterectomy and maybe radiation so not sure if lletz/loop is diagnostic or for treatment

Hi, I was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma cervix about 3 weeks ago. Had normal negative smears but HPV for 3 years. At colposcopy they did punch biopsy as precaution only. Good job they did I guess!! Had CT and MRI the following week and then the LLETZ procedure. I was also confused as to why doing LLETZ the hen they’d talked about Hysterectomy. But they informed me it’s get a larger size biopsy to assist the diagnostic staging. But Also if they have clear margins on the biopsy that this can sometimes be the treatment - and then no need to proceed to Hysterectomy.
I have an appointment to go Wednesday for all my results.
The waiting is terrible… I’m also due to get married in 10weeks

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