Cervical biopsy

Can anyone help! I went in this past Tuesday for a cervical biopsy in which they took a small piece out as what I think they call a punch to send into a biopsy to test. After I left I had some cramping and just dark discharge , on Wednesday I also had dark brown discharge as well as Thursday and Friday with a little light red. On Saturday I started to get red blood with period like cramps then through out the day the bleeding was less and was a little dark brown and today when I woke up was allot of red blood ( just like on a period) . With cramping. Is this normal to bleed like this? I’m scared because my period was suppose to come on march 27 and it didn’t then on march 28 was when I went in for biopsy and it didn’t so I don’t know if this bleeding is due to biopsy or period.



I had biopsies a few weeks ago and what you describe is exactly what I had, it could be both I had bleeding from the biopsy which was like a period but only lasted a day or two and then a day in between before I came on my period. I had quite a lot of cramping which isn't something I usually suffer with so try not to panic it all sounds quite normal :) hope you feel better soon x

Thank you for the help! Yea I started to bleed on Saturday and todayand Sunday was allot too, Monday it was less and tiday is back to mostly light pink. I just do t know weather it's a period or was it due to the cervical biopsy they did