Cervical abnormality

Hi everyone. I went to the GP today due to irregular bleeding, bloating and increased d/c. She had a look at my cervix and then got a second opinion. I was told my cervix has what looks like a large extropion but it is bumpy and a two week pathway referral needs to be made. The scary word of cancer was mentioned and now I am a paranoid anxious mess. I have 4 children, full time student and can’t help but think the worse. Was just wondering if anyone else has been in the same situation

I have just been through the exact same thing and all is OK.

Two weeks ago I had my one year smear test follow up after having low grade changes. They referred me straight to colposcopy after getting the opinion of another doctor. I have a large ectropian and small bumps all over my cervix.

My colposcopy appointment was today and I was told my cervix looks ‘beautifully healthy’. Those bumps seen at my smear test were described to me as natural nabothian follicles. They are completely harmless.

I really hope you get a similar outcome and wish you well x

Thank you so so much for sharing. I’m so pleased you’re ok. I really appreciate you replying xx

Thank you.
I know how terrifying it can feel. The nurse and doctor at my smear scared the life out of me and never mentioned that it could be anything harmless. They even sent me for urgent bloods but the colposcopy team were amazing.

Let me know how it goes x

I had the same at my smear back in November, the nurse said I had an ectropian and cysts but because my cervix appeared unusual she would be happier if I went to Colposcopy for review-I left feeling like my cervix must look horrendous, I then had a really anxious 4 week wait for Colposcopy (because my gp messed up the referral 3 times :expressionless:)
The ladies at Colposcopy were so lovely and I was told I had the tiniest ectropian and nabothian cysts - both common and both normal. I did have to have two biopsies to confirm the ectropian as that was procedure and the nurse treated it with silver nitrate as she had to cauterise the biopsy sites anyway.
Try not to worry too much and let us know how you get on x

Just an update. I went for my appointment the lady was fantastic, found the area of concern within seconds and instantly reassured me it is in fact an ectropion. Booked it to have it treated in September. Thank you all for the support and responses it truly helped so much xxx