cervical abnormalities, the pill, hpv questions

Hi guys,

Wasnt really sure where to put this so hope its ok here. 

Ive been looking online for information on the pill and cervical annormalities but found a lot of conflicting information so thought I would ask here if anyone knows if there are any links?

Ive been wondering about it because of my own history. I have been on the pill since I was 18. Back then it was the combined pill. At 24, i was experiencing a lot of breakthrough bleeding with the pill I was on and had my first smear and switched to cerazette (mini-pill). That smear was clear and after switching pills, I didnt experience any more bleeding. Fast forward to my smear at 28 which was CIN 1 and I was asked to return in 6 months for a follow up smear.  At this point I started working on a away from home and found taking the pill impossible to remember with my schedule so I just stopped taking it. My follow up smear was all clear but I was asked to have a follow up in 12 months.  I then went back on the pill as I had a boyfriend... had my follow up after 8 months which came back borderline after being on the pill again.

So basically, in my head, im making a link and I dont know how justified the link is. I now know I also have hr hpv but for some reason I feel like its not at the heart of my issues... I dont know... I guess I just keep thinking about this and needed to get it out there.


Hi Alex, I’m 27 and have been on the same combined pill since I was 16. My smear at 24 was normal and at 27 I have had CIN2 cells and treatment so at 24 years (8 years on the pill) my smear was normal. It’s much more likely the HPV is the reason for your abnormalities than the pill. Saying that, I have come off the pill since having my abnormal result as I’m doing anything it takes to return my smears to normal in the Summer. The pill is said to slightly increase your risk of cervical cancer but when I asked my GP about this she couldn’t explain to me why that is as over 99% of cc is caused by the HPV virus. The only link she made is that women on the pill may be less likely to use a condom with their partner and therefore are more likely to contract HPV. I would be keen to know if anyone is aware of a more definite link between the pill and abnormalities as it is something I have wondered myself. xx


Hi Vicky,

Ive stopped taking mine too... i stopped the day i found out my smear results.  If theres any link between it and the abnormalities, then I just dont want to take the risk. I did read something somewhere about how being on the pill long term might increase the risk but again it wasnt information that was very definitive. I figure, im 29 now, ive been taking hormonal contraception for 11 years so really, my body can do with the break i guess. Glad im not to only one that thinks about these things.