Cervica screening

Received a letter from the cervical administration service yesterday following my cervical smear test

"Your results show that you have Hpv. This is called an HpV positive result. Hpv is a common virus and most people will have it at some point in their life without knowing. Usually it goes away on its own. However sometimes it can be long lasting and this may cause abnormal cells,over time turn into cancer if left untreated

We also tested your sample for abnormal cervical cells. We found changes to some off the cells in your cervix called low grade dyskaryosis. In almost all cases these abnormal cells are not found to be cancer,but would like you to come for a further examination

What does this mean???.

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This Simply Mean That You Have An Active HPV Virus Which Indicates Changes On The Cells Of Your Cervix…

I Had The Same Shocking Results On Dec 27th & I Was Booked In For A Colposcopy On Feb 8th, A Colposcopy Is A Procedure Similar But Less Painful Than A Smear Where Dyes Are Being Applied To Your Cervix To Somewhat Dehydrate It So Abnormal Cells Can Show Up.

However, I Was In Oveerdrive So I Thought Feb 8th Was Too Much Of A Wait To Get It Done So I Called & Asked About Cancellations & Luckily I Got One For January 21st…When I Went There The Colposcopist & Her Team Mate Briefed Me Then Carried On With The Procedure…But No Abnormal Cells Were Found On Mines So I Have To Repeat My Smear In A Years Time.

Please Call & Book Your Colposcopy…& All The Best…All Shall Be Well