Cervarix vaccine - worth getting?

Hi ladies,

I hope this is the right place to post this - sorry if it isn't.
I was treated for severe cervical abnormality (CIN III) 9 years ago and have been having annual smears since. I asked my GP for an HPV test but he said no, so I got one done privately. Its come back negative. (phew!) Was just wondering if anyone had any idea about whether it would be worth getting the cervarix vaccine (boots offer it) now my HPV test was clear, or would the fact that presumably I must have already had HPV to get the CIN III mean that the vaccine would not offer any protection, even if my body has now cleared the HPV.

It £300 so quite expensive - don't want to go ahead and get it done if it won't have any effect.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Sophie xxx

Hey, I think that because you have already had CIN 3 in the past it means your body already had HPV. Seems like your body has fought it off though (which is brill). Fact is that I think it will depend orb the actual strain you had in the first place, for example strain 16 (high risk) so if you did have say strain 16 then you can't catch that strain again, and your body has already dealt with that strain. So my point is that they're at least another 5-10 high risk strains that maybe you've never had. So it makes sense to protect against the others. But I must admit if this was the case surely they should give the vaccine to protect against the other strains once we get a CIN diagnosis. So with that in mind I'm not sure. I think the best thing to do is ask the clinic, or your GP. £300 is alot of money if its not gonna help you. Plus, when is your next smear due? Because since 2012 they now test all abnormal smears for hpv for free. Xxx