Cells from an uknown origin

I had my smear test last spring and was called back to colposcopy to be told that I had CGIN and also abnormalities that originate from lining of my womb. I worried about this all summer and then I was treated with a LLetz and had a LLetz biopsy and endometrial biopsy in early September and told in early December that they couldn’t grade it and thought it was now more likely to be CIN. Apparently there was lots of inflammation and both the LLETZ biopsy and smear results were difficult to read. My Endometrial biopsy was clear and it is unknown exactly where the cells that came from outside the cervix originated from and so now after a multidisciplinary meeting about my results which happened in January I have to have a scan. Whilst I am booked in for my 6 month follow up in March.

It has all taken such a long time and been very confusing. Does anybody have experience of finding cells from outside the cervix?