Cell changes in cervical creases

Hi all,


I'm new here and this is the first time I've posted. Im 25 and I had an abnormal smear in May, waited forever for my colposcopy at the beginning of July and this week marks the 6th week since my appointment.


I was told there were low grade changes to my cells but I'd been called in because I'd also tested positive for HPV.  When she did the dye test my cervix lit up like a Christmas tree and she took a punch biopsy. I'm well aware of all the procedures as my mum had cervical cancer and my aunty has had a few treatments on her cervix but at my appointment she pointed to an area on the screen which was in the "creases" of my cervix and said they would be very hard to treat.. Has anyone else had this and if so, how did they treat it? I feel sick just thinking about my results, I'm very unhealthy and a heavy smoker, I feel like it's my fault. I'm going to give the clinic a call tomorrow as I don't receive post every day but I'm panicking at the thought of it :( 

She was very reassuring but they were to my mum knowing damn well she had cancer.. I'm also worried about the fact there was so much, if they do need to treat it because of the large area can it affect my fertility?

Thanks in advance for any advice x

Hi ,

i think dependant on your biopsy results I’m sure they could still do lletz but with it being in a difficult place it would be under general anasthectic , the main thing is you have been seen and a biopsy has been taken and that’s positive from other people’s experiences it seems larger areas or difficult places are still treated in the same way but your just out to sleep for it so it’s easier for them to get to those areas. I know it’s scary and waiting is the worst but try and take tine for you and relax.