Cell changes in awkward spots

hi everyone!
I had my colposcopy today, and my changes are CIN1 according to the nurse (biopsies taken), but she said they were in awkward spots - they’re on the outer sides of my cervix instead of in the middle. Has anyone else had changes in this area?

At the time it felt like it was a bit abnormal based on her general demeanour, but now it’s been a few hours and I’m processing it, I’m wondering if it was all in my head. I knew it was awkward from when she was taking the biopsies, it was really side-to-side, and he said I’d need a GA for treatment if it comes back higher grade because of their positioning and my vaginal walls.

Hi @emma6 , i hope your ok. My abnormal cells where in an awkward spot aswel so had to go under GA for my LLETZ procedure 2 weeks ago. Only im Cin2 /Cin3. If youv any questions about what my procedure was like just shout xx