Cell changes for a second time

Hello. 12 years ago, I had my first ever smear test. There were cell changes and this resulted in a LEEP procedure.

Now I’ve just had the result of cell changes again with high risk HPV. This being the second time has scared me a bit. I’m waiting for my colposcopy appointment, and naturally I’m really anxious about what’s going to be found.

I know everyone’s different but I’m just looking to hear other peoples stories who have been through this more than once. Any kind of stories. :green_heart:

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so I am within a 2 years since my first smear on round two of high risk HPV and high grade cell changes again and about to attend my second LLETTZ procedure which is making me highly emotional and worried due to many reasons, but I know it will be the best for me. I am not doing this time alone and have two beautiful friends willing to go with me. I am not going to sugar coat it but we can only put our trust in God if you believe in his providing healing, strength and within ourselves and the procedure. I have a struggling immune system so I am doing what I can with vitamins. There are some stories out there that gives us hope in knowing no matter the outcome there is treatment. I hold on to this even when I am down about it. I hope and pray for your results and outcome to be positive and clear. Pray for your healing too x take care of yourself and do have a friend with you, I have opened up to my friends and been blessed with so much love and support x


Hi @Heatherm & @Tabz

Heather my story is similar to yours. Around 12 years ago i went to the GP for bleeding after intercourse & was sent to colposcopy & was told inhad cin1 & cells burnt off. All my smears came back as normal after that until last october. I went for my routine smear & recieved a letter to say i had high risk HPV & low grade dyskarosis. I was so shocked & utterly heartbroken. Amost caused me & hubby to split.
I had my colposcopy about 5 weeks later & broke down in the room with the nurses & the lady doing my colposcopy. She totally reassured me & told me that she wasnt concered with what she could see & that i should have a repeat smear at my GP in a year. Well that year is up & it is time to book my repeat smear. Im absolutely petrified if im honest. My immune system has taken a beating the last 5 weeks agter covid & im convinced its played some havoc with my cells. Ive tried vitamins & lots of herbal teas in the last year to try & shift this HPV. My husband tells me to wait until after christmas to book as last year was ruined by appointments & waiting times but then i think id rather know the result so i can process it either way you know. Have you had your colposcopy appontment come through? The best thing to do is to talk to someone like @Tabz has said. Holding onto everything inside does cripple us & eventually comes out in the worst ways. Sending you both lots of love & healing thoughts xxx


Been for my second LLETTZ for CIN3 cells to be removed while having started light bleeding today and last had it done in 2020/2021 so 3 years ago. Was blessed that I had a friend take me and that was great as I felt very woozy and unsteady after so took longer for me to feel alright to walk…I am honestly struggling, it went well but some things are playing on my mind and think I will be using my EAP to contact a counselor to talk through what I am feeling and maybe get some support in if I should contact the colposcopy clinic to get some answers if they have them or to my GP, I will leave it with God in prayer but still feel i need to discuss things somewhere or get some clarity… this forum is great as I don’t find an alone time to make the calls but could type like here but think what is troubling me is something that needs to be spoken to with a professional for some guidance… I cannot speak with my husband as he and I are having a hard time to communicate…I do hope the best for @SP1 @Heatherm do keep us posted… I will be creating a few other post/topics to see what others think or from their experiences…


Hi @Eliz88,

Have you had your semar yet? Try not to worry too much, your home test might have picked up high risk HPV but it may not have caused any problems down below. At least you will have an eye kept on you now so thats a good thing. Sending positive thoughts xx