For the past several months, I have been reading and appreciating posts here. It helped so much to know that I was not alone and that what I was living was 'normal'.


Yesterday, I saw my gyno-oncologist and learned that all is perfect within me. I have no more cancer, no more side-effects from treatment (chemo, radiation, brachy). I am stronger, happier than I ever have been.


Cancer caused me to make changes in my life, especially in my relationships and putting myself first. I feel more free than ever!


Thank you all for having been here with me, even though I was invisible.


My love to you all! May you experience the beautiful outcomes you are dreaming of! Smile


Gatineau, Quebec


Hi Christine 

so very nice to hear this wonderful news. All the very best to you as well!!!



such a lovely post good to hear your cancer free 

onwards and upwards 

love michelle xx 

Fantastic news x

Lovely news x 

Brilliant news xx

Thank you all so much!!