Ceevical screening with endometriosis

The last two times I have had a speculum inserted I have had severe pain, bleeding and pain requiring very strong painkillers for a week afterwards, due to endometriosis. It is difficult to find my cervix now, as has become tilted backwards. I have had smears whenever I was due for over 30 years and have had several of the HPV only ones - all negative. Haven’t had an opportunity to catch HPV in 15 years. Am reluctant to put myself through another speculum if my risk is very low. Any advice or suggestions on testing that doesn’t require a speculum?

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I also struggle with speculums and also have endo.
I have my smears done in the colposcopy units. When I get my smear reminder I call my gp and say I need a referral to the difficult smear clinic at the hospital. And ive had 3 done that way and no issues. The first one they asked why and when I explained the pain I experience they agreed.
I find it much not comfortable, I think because they literally insert speculums every day, also because they have proper gynaecologist chairs it definitely helps.

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The worst one I ever had was at the hospital when I had my last IUS inserted. I was panicking with the pain, they didn’t use lube, I bled a lot and they were completely unsympathetic. I ended up on mega antibiotics and ill for weeks. Their chair, with me hanging down, was much worse than the usual bed. Maybe a different hospital is in order!

Ohhh no so sorry to hear at. I’ve had mine done at 2 hospitals and find them better. But when I went in for a loop excision I think the nerves got to me so I couldn’t relax so we agreed to not try more, and just had it under GA.
You can buy home test kits from superdrug. It’s a self swap, only tests for HPV. As it’s a self test there’s no speculum as it’s basically just an elongated cotton bud.