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hi i have been having symptoms of cc for the last 2 years. before i had my children i was having smears and colposcopies every 6 months due to abnormalities. my last smear was oct 2017 and came back normal. i started having pelvic pain soon after and then lower back pain which comes and goes which started dec 17. sometimes i have to use a stick. i then started getting stomach pains like very bad trapped wind and sex became uncomfortable. the last few months i have been having periods every 2 months and spotting. very heavy clear discharge after i have used the toilet. i went back and fore to gp over the last 18 months. had an mri of my lower spine which was clear. 2 weeks ago i went back saw a new gp. she was lovely and put all my symptoms together and asked if she could see my cervix. she looked and said she can see what she thinks may be a very large ectropian. it covers nearly all of my cervix. she made an urgent referral to a gynecologist. i had a letter a week later saying they had a referral and i would get an appointment soon. i also had an appointment for colposcopy which is Thursday. i have had many colposcopies before but this time im extremely worried incase they want to do anything that requires a local anesthetic as since i had my first child i have been resistent to them. they just dont work and noone ever believes me which ends up being a nightmare. on my last child i tore and the midwife wouldnt believe me that the local hadnt worked. i ended up being held down by my mother and partner while she sewed me back up. i had an edoscopy at the beginning of the year and once again they didnt believe me. ended up being sedated and that didnt work either. 2 horrible experiences and im terrified of someone being down there slicing away at me and me feeling it all. im sensitive down there as it is. smears hurt me. i dont know what to do

Hi Bethan

Sounds like you've had a couple of horrible experiences. I think you need to discuss your concerns with the doctor or nurse doing your colposcopy.  They won't give you any anaesthetic for the colposcopy unless they need to perform any treatment so try not to worry until you know what's happening.


hi thankyou for the reply!

so i went to colposcopy yesterday. the nurse asked about the spotting but said she didnt need to know about the other symptoms. she said the reason i had been referred was the ectropian. i asked about the extra periods i have been having and she said that would be nothing to do with my cervix and i would need to see someone else about that. before she examined me she asked if i would be happy for her to discharge me staight after and said i wouldnt need treatment for the ectropian because its only causing spotting and uncomfortable sex.... so get up on the chair. she tipped it back slightly but not all the way. it took her a long time to find my cervix. it hurt so bad i was gripping the bars. so when she managed to find it i was watching the screen and could only see a side view of it. she said it just looked inflamed to her. took a quick biopsy and all done. results in 4-6weeks. she didnt mention the ectropian at all. could this have disappeard in 3 weeks? considering the gp said it was nearly covering the whole cervix? im so confused. anyway today my back/ pelvis is so bad. im struggling. and it feels bruised to touch. im assuming  from all the pushing around she was doing.  im also passing little brown lumps which im assuming is bits of tissue. 

my gp sent an urgent referral to gynecology 3 weeks ago and still waiting for an appointment there as well so hopefully that will come back soon


Sounds like you've had a tough day. It sounds like the nurse was being a little dismissive, at least she took a biopsy. Hopefully the gynaecology department will be more helpful. 

You will feel tender and sore, some paracetamol and ibuprofen will help (if you can take them). A wee hot water bottle might also be nice.

Fingers crossed you get some answers soon xxxx

yes i felt she was being dismissive before she even looked. and it has worried me that it didnt look like she got a full view of the cervix. she did say it was pointing completely to the side so very hard to get too. its just a waiting game now! hopefully the biopsy wont take too long to come back and i hear from the gynecologist soon

Everything crossed for you xxx

hi just an update. i had my biopsy results back today which were fine.

i had an urgent ultrasound and transvaginal scan on tuesday. the technician took a lot of photos and afterwards told me she could see what she thinks is fluid in my fallopian tube and that usually they cant see the tubes on the scans. she said she couldnt tell  me about anything else and that the results will be with the doctor tomorrow and they will want to discuss them with me. so just waiting for that now

another update


got home from work to find an appointment  for another scan at a different hospital for next tuesday. a week after the last scan. i phoned the docs thinking they just have referred me to 2 different hospitals by accident but they said that no, the 1st hospital have referred me to another hospital because of my scan results. the receptionist wouldnt tell me anything else. just that the results were back and the doctor would contact me tomorrow to discuss them

Great to hear biopsies are fine. Good luck with scan.

Karen x

I’m delighted that your biopsy results are good! 

Goid luck with your scan xx

hi guys. another update.

doc phoned yesterday morning. fluid in my tube and a cyst on my ovary which (in her words) is extremely abnormal and strange. it has some different textures to it. my blood test also shows high prolactin levels. im now being referred to gyny again under the urgent suspected cancer pathway so hopefully should be seen soon.

the extra scan has been cancelled as it looks like some paths have crossed somewhere

That doesn't sound typical if cancer of cervix. Possibly a different cancer (if it's a cancer at all, I hope not!). I just wanted to know we are all here for just the same. Not everyone here is cervix and many common factors to share.

Karen x 


yes i think they suspect ovarian cancer now. hopefully get appointments next week.  its the waiting that gets to you though isnt it. the not knowing for definite whats going on. docs told me to make an appointment with the opticians to check my pituitary gland as thats what gives off the prolactin. but apparently it can be caused by cancerous cysts also so they probably want to rule out something wrong with the pituitary gland as well. i hsve that booked for Tuesday. i just hope im not waiting too long for the other appointments now