cc symptoms ectropian urgent referral

hi a bit long sorry. years ago before i had my children my smears were always abnormal. i would have colposcopies and smears every 6 months. and had a small ectropian. then i had 2 children in 2.5 years and my next smear was about 4 years from the last time i had had 1. this was 2 years ago. it came back normal. no mention at all during pregnancies and last smear about the ectropian. not long after my smear i started getting pelvic pain. severe constipation. i started getting lower back pain. the last few months i have had a horrible ache/pain in my groin and leg that comes and goes. i have also started having periods every 2 weeks. sex has been uncomfortable since i had my last baby. and i have increased discharge. especially when i go to the toilet. i have been back and fore to the gp but they have only looked at the new symptoms. i went back 2 weeks ago and saw a new doctor. she put all my symptoms together and asked to check my cervix. she saw what she thinks may be a very large ectropian. basically covering nearly all of my cervix. she has urgently referred me to gynycology. i had a letter last week saying i had been referred to them and also a letter for colposcopy which is on Thursday. 3 weeks since i saw gp. i have had colposcopies before but this time im so worried about it. since my first pregnancy local anesthetic hasnt worked on me. at all. but noone ever believes me and i end up having very traumatic experiences because of this. especially ‘down there’ since i had a traumatic experience in my last birth because the midwife didnt believe me that the local hadnt worked. im terrified that im going to need something done during colposcopy and their not going to believe me again and im so sensitive down there as it is