CC Symptoms but clear smears

Hello from Germany everyone,

i am 22 years old and super scared. 

I do have symptoma since a couple of months, starting with bleeding after intercourse, over pain and untypical discharge and now bleeding between periods,too. I went to my gyn to have it checked and do a smear. Smear came back clear but I am high risk HPV positive. Also I did have some other infections and had to take antibiotics 2 times..  but now there is no infection left and the symptoms won't go away.

tomorrow I have an appointment in a women's clinic. 

I read a lot and I am scared to have a cancer that is not detected yet. Especially the adeno type scares me bcs in this forum some other girls did have clear smears but ended up with diagnosis.

i am going to inform you here about the results but right now I am dying of fear. 


i know the most of you had to go through this and i Hate this terrible disease. You are all such wonderful people and I am glad i found this forum because we have nothing like this in germany. But we do have yearly paps starting at 20

Hi SK95. Good luck for your appointment today and hope you will soon get a few more answers to your symptoms. Do share your concerns with your doctor and keep asking them for answers until you are satisfied. So glad you have found the site. It is such a helpful resource and the women are so helpful and supportive, so stick close. Good luck and all the best.x