CC symptoms as a virvin - pap smear

So to begin with, I’m 23 and have never had any sexual contact of any kind with another person. I haven’t even put anything up there myself (tmi but here we are).

So for the past 5-6 months, I’ve had weird periods. I used to be fairly regular with no issues and am now spotting and having weird light-dark pink and sometimes brownish discharge almost every 2 weeks which lasts up to 3 weeks and is then followed by a normal period. I also have cramping which is unusual for me and am very tired. I went to my gp who basically did a blood test which showed pcos and a scan which also confirmed it. However, my bloods showed pcos years ago and I have never had any issues like this, even when combined with my underactive thyroid which I’m on meds for (last blood showed it was ideal). Due to my mental health problems and high blood pressure I do not want to go on the pill which was their only suggestion. I have been reading about pcos and it does not seem to match my symptoms, a private gyno even said tiredness is not a symptom. I am very concerned that these symptoms could be caused by cervical cancer as I match quite a few of the symptoms but no one is willing to go anywhere near me since I’m a virgin. I finally managed to get the private gyno to do a speculum exam where he saw the lip of my cervix and said it was all good but they refused a swab and could not proceed any further as I was in lots of pain. Is there any way to get pap smears as a virgin under 25 anywhere or do I have to wait will I’m 25? I’m absolutely terrified and beside myself with worry and feeling worse by the day :frowning:

Dear Jane,

So sorry to hear you’re having these problems and no-one has been able to give you a definitive diagnosis. But please stop Googling your symptoms! This is not helping your mental health, it’s making you worse. It sounds like you have a problem with your periods, it does not sound like cancer. I can understand why the speculum was painful - you are a virgin. This must all be terribly distressing. Your blood test and scan have shown you have pcos - so you have it. Try to stop telling yourself you must have cancer (you certainly won’t have the HPV virus) and concentrate on asking your GP how they are going to help you. x


From a PCOS sufferer to another cyster it sounds very like PCOS. PCOS isn’t a cookie cutter disorder. There has been times in my life i’ve gone 18 months without a period. There’s also been times i’ve bled constantly, spotted, been on/off or had a bleed every 2 weeks. If you don’t want to use birth control then you can try myoinositol. It’s natures metformin and helps to regulate insulin resitance which in turn regulates testosterone levels and your periods (it also helps with fatigue which is a symptom of PCOS along with brain fog, anxiety and depression). If not then you may just have to cope with the odd cycles. I wouldn’t say they were cervical cancer symptoms.