CC removed with LLETZ

Hi all. I have / had CIN3 which i was told after LLETZ that Dr was confident that she got it all, but its being sent for testing. If it turned out it actually was CC, given the fact they removed it all, would they tell you? Like, do they see any point in telling u if its now gone (to save u the worry), or do they tell u anyway, as u have a right to know. I wud rather know either way, but i was just wondering how it works?

Hi hun, 


Yes they would tell you if they found something more sinister as even if they think they got it all you would probably need an mri scan to check it isn't more than they thought. This happened to me, but i believe it is very rare. Xxx

Thanks a million for ur reply MAP. 

Yes that's what happened to me more or less. In the lletz to remove CGIN they found a very small 4mm cancer. I got called into discuss. If they do find Cc further treatment depends on if the lletz had a margin of clear non abnormal cells round the cc and cin/Cgin. Mine didn't have a clear margin so I was offered hysterectomy,  more lletz or no operations but monitor via regular colposcopy.  I went for hysterectomy but changed my mind and had lletz which was clear so next check up July.  If they do call u in to discuss results don't assume the worst as they may have found a lack of clear margin on the Cin3 too and want to offer u more treatment. But I would take someone with you.


Hope your lletz was a success and they got all the nasties. Xx 

Thanks ChandosGirl for your reply. The waiting game is nerve wracking. I had my LLETZ two weeks ago today, so I am half way through the wait. 

So do you mean to tell me that you almost had a hysterectomy when it turned out that you actually didnt need to? Thats scary! God, if I got bad results and was given that option, I would really want to think long and hard about it. I am 35, dont have children, actually never particularly wanted any, but I wouldnt want that choice taken from me so abrubtly. Biologically, i thought I still had a couple of more years to decide!!

Thanks for the advice re bringing somebody. My boyfriend came to my appointment for the colposcopy in case I needed the LLETZ done, which I did (yes, he did his own research!), so no doubt he will come for the results. He has been great, which I really appreciate as I have not told anybody else. I dont want to tell anyone unless there is actually something to tell. If my results are clear, i am hardly going to tell family, oh, I thought I might have cancer, but turns out I dont!

Hi kattykit,

They definitely tell you if they found cancer. I had LLETZ for cin3 and left the hospital happy that my next appointment was 6 months away. A week and a half later they called me in. They had found cancer but were 99% sure it was removed. I had a cone biopsy. .no cancer found thankfully as the LLETZ removed it all. Lymph node removsl tomorrow and then im done! 

I wish you the best with your results.


Best of luck with the nodes today Michelle! I shall be thinking of you and waiting to hear your news.

Be lucky!


Thanks Michelle. I wish you the best of luck today!