cc post op

Hi ladies,

I am new to the site and have been reading through your posts. The encouragement and information is lovely.

I have been diagnosed and have had a radical just last week. I am beginning to understand that there are different types of cc and I have been diagnosed with early stage clear cell type. Can anyone tell me if clear cell cc means I am more likely to need follow up treatment? 


Hi Sound Advice,

I can't tell you anything about 'clear cell' - BUT, all the hope is in the term 'early stage' - the earlier your cancer is caught, the more options that may be available for treating it, and the less impact on your body (unlikely to have spread elsewhere etc). I really hope for you that the operation is all the treatment you need to get you safe and well again.

You can use the 'Ask the experts' section for information on your particular type if  you can't find what you're looking for.

I wish you the best in your operation recovery and will keep my fingers crossed that you will need no further treatment.

Love. Lisagp x x

Thank you Lisagp for your encouragement. I am concentrating on the 'early stage diagnosis. Thank you Lisagp for your encouragement. I have been told by oncologist that there doesn't appear to any spread beyond cervix and not was clear. I hope to have meeting with oncologist next week to discuss results. 

I will ask the experts on this site about clear cell.

Thanks again and soil glad you have had the all clear. It's very encouraging to read all the ladies experiences here.


Hope you get your meeting next week and that you get ur treatment sorted ASAP. Fingers crossed there is no spread and they can get it sorted for u as easily as possible. Keep posting and reading, this is a fab place to come when ur feeling low and got lots of questions xxx


Thank you Dons

How are you just now? How did your appointment go at the end of September?

I should have my post op meeting this week to find out if my radical hysterectomy, which was carried out last week, has been enough or if I will require any more treatment.

MRI was clear - apart from growth on cervix.  

Thinking of you all. Thankful for all your posts.


My results have come back clear and I don't require any more treatment! What a rollercoaster ride, all within 3 weeks.  The clear cell cancer is not an issue and doesn't make any difference to treatment.I will be hoping and praying for all of you ladies. Thank you all for your support.


Seemed to have missed this post! Congratulations!