CC Link to Implant?

Hi, i am a newby and have a question....

I got my 2nd smear in August 2013 which came back as Borderline changes, i had a Coloscopy where they carried out a Punch Biopsy the result of which was CIN3 and a Loop Biopsy booked for 4 weeks later.

In a panic, i searched everything online and came accross a link to CC through the Contraceptive Implant - it is rare but it is stated throughout the small print of the manufacturers leaflet for the implant.

The Contraceptive Implant works by creating musuc around the cervix to stop sperm entering - something i had not educated myself with before

i decided to have it removed before my Loop Biopsy to give me results based purely on my own body and not on those of the implant

Did anybody else have the Implant?

Did anybosy else have it removed?

Did anybody else know there was a link to CC?


Tails xx

I just came across this post, alot of years have passed by! Any updates?

Did you come to a conclusion regarding cc and implant?

I wish you the best health!