CC? Confused

Hi all,
I had several biopsies a couple of weeks ago after they discovered cgin during my routine smear a few weeks ago. I saw the consultant on Monday who told me I have also got something called early stromal invasion which means a few of the cells have turned cancerous and that they’ll be doing Mri and cat scans as well as a LLetz. But after my appointment, when I went to get weighed etc, the nurse they have teamed me up with said not to panic that it’s really just pre-cancerous. She also said that I may not have to have an Mri etc and they may just do the Lletz and see if they’ve got it all first.
So I’m a bit confused, have I got CC or is it precancerous?


wish I could help more but I would really recommend calling your consultant to ask them to explain in plain English.

its not helpful when a doctor says one thing and then the nurse something else !

Do you have a number to speak directly to the consultant that you saw ?

hope you get your answer soon 

Mel x


Hiya well this is like reading my story I was told I had early stromal invasion of course I looked at her like an alien and said what??? And she confirmed yes it was cancer but its very very early cancer and they had successfully removed it with my first lletz. She did say my case hadn't been discussed in the mdt meeting yet so I don't know whether its them who discuss MRIs or not but they didn't mention anything like that to me  (they had the MDT meeting on Monday I'm still waiting to hear) but she was pretty sure they'd decide I'll need another lletz which I'm booked in for 4th July. The nurse is wrong to tell you they are pre cancerous pre cancerous are cin1 2 or 3 but she was right in the fact your probably just need another lletz. Big hugs xx

Hiya :-)

Not too sure about 'early stromal invasion' but I think it's pretty normal to do a LLETZ and analyse what they take out. If it's only a tiny bit of cancer in the middle of the sample and all the surrounding cells are healthy they might just leave it at that and keep an eye on you to see whether or not it returns. In very many cases the LLETZ procedure kicks the body's own immune system in and it never comes back :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thank you so much for your replies! 

I'm booked in for a Lletz on Monday and they said they'll see if they've got it all then and go from there. 

Ashley29 sorry to hear you're in the same boat. How come they're doing another Lletz if they thought the last one got it all? I'll be thinking of you on the 4th xx 

They said they managed to get all the cancer but they didn't get clear margins of cin3 but she also mentioned that its likely because they have removed most of it by the time I have my 2nd colposcopy the other cells could of cleared up by themselves so I may not even need the lletz (fingers crossed). Good luck for Monday I really hope they get it all for you keep us updated xx