CC confirmed

Yesterday was confirmed I do indeed have CC 

not sure hoe I feel ,I dont think it's sunk in yet 

Im sorry to hear this hun :( I had my biopsy results Weds after a colposcopy, it showed as stage 1a1 cc, they are hoping it was all removed but I have to have another LLETZ in July to make sure its gone and to also check for CGIN as that was found too :( I will have to have a hysterectomy if its found CGIN in present, I will also be offered the choice of a hysterectomy if my results come back clear! I will be taking this offer...Im 33 with a 6 year old Son who I dont want to leave behind if the cancer was to come back!

What stage are you? I know what you mean by it not sinking in, my life is a blur at the moment, this forum is a god send and all the ladies are lovely 

Take care hun and theres plenty of support on here

Jodie x

Hi ladies

So sorry to read of your diagnosis. Its awful when you are told and I remember being in a blur too.  Its a tough time to get through but get through it you will.  I had some very low times but they gradually got less and less and I feel totally different now to how I did a few months ago.

You'll find the strength & courage to tackle this and all the ladies on this site will support you all the way - you will not be alone.

Sending lots of hugs.


Sorry to hear that even more women are having to deal with this crap!!

Like it had already been said you will get through it. Day at a time.

There’s no right or wrong way to feel or act when you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer so trust that whatever you feel and are doing right now is right for you. All the best.


Sorry you had to receive the news we all dread to hear. :( everything is a blur at first. Needs to sink in I think. I'm booked for a hystorectomy in 2 weeks and I still don't think it's sunk in. I'm more worried about how everyone else is feeling about it. 

Just keep strong and think positively. As hard as it is to do. These things that are thrown at us in life can only make us stronger. And the ladies on this site are super. Take care 

Big cyber hugs xx