Hi Ladies,

My histology has come back re my bits they removed during my hysterectomy & I'm pleased to say there was no evidence of disease, no cancer, not even CGIN. I said during all this no one has mentioned HPV to me & I only know about it re my google searches, have I got it? She looked through my notes & she said nowhere does it say I'm positive, so no I haven't. I asked would I have been tested for it & she said yes & if I had it they would have to tell me.  I asked how I got my CC then & she said just unlucky.

Does this sound right? I have seen so many professionals on this CC journey surely someone would have mentioned it either way?

Thanks Clare xxx

Could it be that your immune system got rid of the hpv in the waiting for lletz or hysterectomy? hpv is known to come and go from what I have heard and sometime the lletz treatment can trigger immune system (so I have heard).  How long did you wait for hysterectomy, I only ask as I am waiting patiently. 

But good news anyway! Xx

Hi Hun,

I don't know I'm confused!

8.4.15 diagnosed, had all the tests (inc LLETZ) 8.6.15 hysterectomy.

Surely it would say negative somewhere if I had been tested? So, I'm thinking they haven't tested me but she assured me they had..........!?!

Good luck Hun xxx

But could be that hpv was there at some point to cause the cc then your immune system got rid of hpv but not the cc. 

Thanks I just want a date for op now. How are you feeling now post surgery?  xx

Maybe Hun, thanks xx

Im really good thanks, I had a total abdominal hysterectomy & other than feeling a bit tired & my tummy is still tender I'm good. Haven't bled at all, should of had my period last week & had NO symptoms which I was thrilled about! 2 & half weeks in & I'm pleased I've had it done.

What type are you having? xx

i can choose to keep ovaries ao either full or total hoping to do it keyhole depending on ultrasound scan.  Did you have abdominal or keyhole? I bet you feel relieved having it over with and great you are recovering so well. Try not to over do it I think your mind is better before your body so you could do damage if you try to pick something up too early. 

Sorry didn't mean to send. Fab re no symtoms re period. Sorry if this is tmi but does it feel normalish down there I am worrying about this in fact worrying about most things these days lol. I am normally a strong person but with this I dont feel strong at all. xx

Kept my ovaries & abdominal. You'll be fine Hun xx I have to keep reminding myself, it's weird! Xxx

Thank you. Xx Keep resting and recovering hope you are back to your old self soon xx

Yes I feel normal down there! Lol xx

I think hpv dna is able to tell you if you have ever been infected at any time. Hpv is responsible for most/majority of cervical cancers. I've been through this with my oncologist to give me a reason for my diagnosis with no success and he has said all of it is negative. 


Charlene xx

Thanks andsorry for the question! xx

Good you're negative Charlene! Xx

No probs Sarah xx

Hi everyone :-)

Whilst HPV causes the vast majority of cervical cancer (99.7%) it does not cause them all, 0.3% are caused by goodness only knows what. That's 3 out of every 1,000 cases. My chemo-oncologist assured me that I was one of those 3/1,000, so you could be too :-)

Be lucky :-)


Thanks Tivoli, aren't we lucky! xxx

Hi Sarah

It also depends on what your original abnormalities were. If they were borderline or CIN1 they are automatically then tested for HPV. If the abnormality is anything higher than that, you are referred automatically without the need for HPV testing.

Hope that helps.


Sorry, meant Clare!

Thanks Erica mine were severe.  I think maybe I've been tested between LLETZ & hysterectomy or on the bits removed during the hysterectomy & not as you rightly say at my pap due to severe abnormalities. Xxx

Tivoli I'm the same wonder if it's an adenocarcinoma thing?? Who knows but I've got myself involved in a few posts where you "must' have hpv to have cc so I'm glad I'm not the only one been told there is a small percentage that are spontaneous as the doc put it. 


Charlene xx

Hi Charlene,

Certainly when I questioned my chemo-oncologist about it she said they knew because of the type of cancer it was, but given that adenocarcinoma accounts for about 20% of cervical cancers that can't be the whole story. I strongly suspect that there is more than one type of cervical adenocarcinoma, but yes, that it's one of those that is the 3/1,000 jobby.

See if you can find out more from your doc, I'd be really interested to know more but it's incredibly difficult for me to get information here.

Be lucky :-)