‘Cautiously optimistic’


my mum’s oncologist saw her today for a 6 week post treatment follow-up. He examined her and said he was ‘cautiously optimistic’ and couldn’t see any tumour and could only see ‘after effects of radiotherapy’. We will take the small wins where we can find them and have eaten celebratory cake tonight! 

i had a small question... (or actually a couple of them). Her 3 month MRI is mid-May but the oncologist has said he doesn’t need to see her again until 1st July. Is this normal? I assumed they’d get her in pretty much straight after the scan to discuss the results? 

Also, he said if they call her to come in earlier than 1st July it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad news. We are finding that hard to believe. Has anyone else been in a situation where they’ve been called in earlier than scheduled for their treatment results and it hasn’t been bad news to some extent? 

Thank you :) 

Hi hall 

glad things are sounding positive :)    My first appointment with my consultant after my post treatment scan got brought forward very suddenly.  I was due in on 14 jan and I had a letter straight after new year for an appointment two days later first thing! I was under the impression they did that when it’s bad news and I was absolutely terrified.   It turned out to be purely administrative reasons and my friend in the nhs told me these appointments do get shuffled around all the time and it’s nothing to worry about.    Also, that appointment turned out to be relatively  good news for me so yes, the long answer to your question is an earlier appointment isn’t necessarily bad news at all. :)

i really hope your moms wait isn’t too difficult and that it’s a positive result :) 





Thank you Zoltan, and good to know your results were positive x