cauterizing of the cervix

Hi I had a punch biopsy in may which has shown hpv changes so the Dr wants me to have my cervix cauterized. Just wondering if any of you have had this done..was it painful and how long til u felt recovered down there? Sorry for all questions but I'm quite nervous. Thanks Laura 

Hiya, where  you say cauterize is that the lletz? If so then it's really nothing to worry about, (I know it's easier said than done) I've found the wait agonizing but the procedure itself was really quick and painless. If it is the lletz and you have any more questions I'm willing to share more details on my experience :) good luck :) 

Hi all it says on the letter is that I've HPV changes and that I need to have my cervix cauterized x


that will be a lletz treatment, it's where the lining of the womb is burnt. I had mine done under local anaesthetic. it is not painful, it is just a very different, and I would say slihotly traumatising experience. it's such a quick process, you'd be surprised. Take someone with you for support, but honestly try not to get yourself too worried. If I'd have known how agonising the wait for the results was, I wouldn't have spent a second worrying about my lletz treatment. Currently waiting for my results. Happy to talk about anything else if you wish, and all the best. 

Kelly. X

Don't be nervous about the procedure... I made a pretty detailed post about it today, but in a nutshell I worried myself sick over this and it was actually totally fine.

Nurses and doctor were amazing, sympathetic but so calm and just lovely. 

First part is just like a smear really, not painful just a bit uncomfortable. They did my colposcopy and my LLETZ altogether. A few people have mentioned the local anaesthetic administration being unpleasant, it's not, they make you cough when they're injecting it inside you so you don't really feel it. You don't feel 'numb' because it's just your insides and you're not used to feeling them anyway. I thought my bum, lower abs and legs would all be numb but no numbness at all outside which is fine. Didn't feel a thing. Took like 10 mins, honestly I spent the whole time waiting for the pain to start and it just didn't. I really worked myself up and stressed myself out over nothing. Feel kind of crampy afterwards, and tender, but it's just like period pains really. They put a painkiller pessary up my rear end which is meant to last for 18 hours, takes 1-2 hours to kick in but feeling fine now (was 7 hours ago).

Don't worry about the results either, at the end of the day you can't change whatever it is so no point worrying, and you'll probably be fine!