Had LLETZ 27/6/14 no bleeding after OP an then over a week later bleeding started, was fresh blood after a week of the bleeding getting heavier and heavier I called the ward I had the op done on an was advised to go straight to A&E due to passing large clots an having to change a pad every 45 mins. Was transferred to the Womans unit so after getting to A&E, was seen by many different docs an nurses, ended up being cauterized with 75% silver nitrate, and sent home with antibiotics. This happened yesterday an the bleeding hasn’t stopped yet, I’m no also in more pain than before… The joys of being a woman hey… Going to give it a day or 2 to see if the bleeding stops an the pain goes away, makes me laugh how people in the hospital say make sure u rest… Not that easy with 2year old tho… Has any1 experienced complications after being Cauterized

I've had quite a few cauterisations due to bleeding problems, but found taking Tranexamic Acid tablets to help the most.  Perhaps discuss these with your Dr if you continue to have issues.  take care.