Case review with pathology following CIN3

Hi ladies,

I have been through the mill a little over the last 12 months after having an abnormal smear And being pregnant.

I had three colposcopy appointments during pregnancy, all confirming CIN3. I went for lletz in December but the consultant thought the cells had regressed and did more biopsies, they were inadequate and they needed more from the transformation zone. I went back last week and had three punch biopsies and another smear. The consultant said that even if the biopsy is low grade, if the smear is high grade I'll have to go in for GA so they can look inside the cervix further. He also said my case is being put forward for review with pathology. Why would this be? I'm really worried!!! 

Claire x

Hi lovely what was the outcome of this?
The consultants won’t biopsy me after I had a smear pregnant (didn’t know I was pregnant) with high grade Changes. I’m 32 weeks pregnant and want a biopsy!!