Carcinoma of the cervix (children mentioned)

Hello there,

My name is Samantha, i am 23.

I got diagnosed with Poorly Differntiated Squarmous Cacinoma of The Cervix Stage 1B. At 34 weeks pregnant a mass was found,so i had an examination and they thought it was just a thicking due to pregnacy. A bit of the tissue fell off, so the Doctor sent it of for testing. Then on the 23rd of april, i was called into a room and was told. I had told have a c-section and a Radical Hysterectomy on the friday. By the friday i was 37+2days pregnant.

I also have a two year old son, and my daughter is nearly 11 weeeks old. and im slowly getting angry with everything, being a good mother is hard enough. My little boy is amazing with her, he is like a second daddy to her.


I just wanted to know, if anyone can send me suggestions on how to stay in control of my emtions.

And its starting to affect my home life now, and im so unappy about it all.  I can send my pesronal email, as its easier for me to access through my phone. Any advice from mums, or people suffering would be very much appricated.  

Hi samantha, I wanted to say hi and well done for staying strong as so much has happened to you.  It's okay to be angry but try to focus on the positives as you have a lovely baby daughter and son to spend many years with.

You should speak with your gp or health visitor to see if counselling would've an option. Hopefully you have some support around, try to build in time for yourself each day to relax and focus.,