Can't decide what to do

I have been visiting this site since I was diagnosed in Feb with stage 2b adenocarcinoma and have found it so useful! I've had a bit of a rollercoaster with getting the treatment plan agreed. And various other things. When I initially met with my consultant they told me about the interlace trial and said that with my cc it might be the best option so i decided to go ahead with it. I've just had it agreed that I'm having my ovaries moved on Monday am. Which made everything feel amazing as everything was all go. My consultant then rang me Friday afternoon and said that I need to chose which treatment plan I go on and she had to call me for ethical reasons to make sure that I'm 100% sure on what I've decided. I'm now so confused as I've signed all the consent forms t start treatment and even have my chemo days provisionally booked in for April 5th. Do I still go with the trial and do the 6 weeks initial chemo then have the treatment with the normal radiotherapy or do I do the standard treatment which has the tomo therapy as the radiation. The annoying thing is the tomo therapy hasn't been agreed on the trial, and isn't looking to be ready for me. She has said the standard treatment shouldn't affect my fertility options (having ivf with my overies in the fiture) but obviously there is a higher chance it will come back. Or do I go with the trial and have very little chance with fertility but have to deal with the side effects of the standard radiotherapy. I am literally so confused and have been told to make the descision my monday! I'm sorry for the long post but if anyone has any advice that would be great!

Hey, welcome!!

I am also a 2b girl well was! I was also offered the interlace trial. I declined and and chemo radiation as my treatment. I think the only plus side of the trial is you get monitored more… I didn’t fancy some of the side effects from the interlace trial.

I was diagnosed on the 5th Jan 16 and was given the all clear in June. The treatment works. Do what feels best for you xx

I also  declined the  interlace trail i dint  fink i cud  handle  an extra 6 week's  of treatment as at the  time  i was  really struggling  as had just had  bilateral nephrostomy done (external  kidney  drains ) as the  tumour  was put pressure on my kidneys you must do what  feels right 4 you big hugs xx

Hi everyone!

thank you for your replies, I have decided to just go with the trial. I thought I might as well just stick to my initial plan as I'm more scared of it coming back that the other potential side effects. 

chemo now starts Tuesday, which is quite exciting. I get to see some images of my ovaries in there new location too. 

Finally everyone on this site has been incredible, I have understood every part of my diagnosis because of all the info on here! So thank you so so much!!


Hooray for you!

I am sorry I joined this conversation so late but I would a - always opt for the trial and b - always stick with my initial choice. So I am really pleased you have done both and am rooting ofr you.

Hope it all goes swimmingly for you!

Be lucky :-)