can't cope

Hi all.
I’ve just called the colposcopy nurse. During my LLETZ they removed all of CIN1 and CIN2 and not all of CIN3. They said the area of CIN3 was small so they took most of it in the biopsy anyway. So instead of taking it out when they took out CIN1 and CIN2 they have left it so she said I still have reminents of CIN3. And she said there was pre-cancerous cells on the edge of the cells they took! So does this mean that it was unclear margins? She didnt say. I’m so upset. I’m having my 6 month checkup on 15th August. I’m also going in to see my gynaecologist to discuss it and see my reports as I don’t understand all of this.

I feel like I’m going to have to go through all this again! WHY didn’t they take the reminents of CIN3 no matter how small the biopsy left it?! I’m so angry. It’s not even like I can speak to her as they’re closed now until Monday.

I just want this to be over x