cant cope :(

I would really appreciate some advice, I am a bit of a state at the mo

My mum died off cervical cancer when she was 26,  I was 4 and when dad died not long after I was left an orphan. My biggest fear is leaving my kids behind.

I have always had abnormal smears this developed into CIN 3 in 2004 and had the loop treatment. They recently discovered I carry the HPV virus and last December was CIN 1 but said theyvwoukd leave it. I am now 15 weeks pregnant and due a smear and am petrified that I am missing it. What if I develop cancer while pregnant and by the time they pick up on it 3 months after I've given birth it's too late? 

Might be hormones or coz I'm thinking of my mum or leaving my kids behind but I am sobbing uncontrollably. 


Is it true it develops quicker when pregnant. I have 2 children with a not verynice dad and one on the way with a nice man but the thought of leaving my kids behind is horrific.

I want my cervix removed after I've had the baby as I can't cope with the worry. Will they do this?

Please please help me. The cytology clinic aren't answering and no one seems to understand. I'm so scared, I don't want to end up like my mum and my kids to grow up without a mum like me. This has been hanging over me for 10 years, I can't cope with the thought of leaving my kids.

Hi I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and the position you are now. I don't know what I can say to reassure other than cervical cancer is very slow growing and tames years to develop if left undetected. If your attending your smears and they are keeping an eye while u r pregnant you will be just fine. I doubt very much it would develop so quickly I'm unsure if pregnancy speeds up this process but I doubt it will make such a dramatic difference in a short period of time. 


I have stage 1b2 cervical cancer and leaving my son is my worst fear so I totally understand that and with past experience and being pregnant at the moment it much be so much harder to try and think clearly about it all. You know you can go to u r gp about this she/he will have all the necessary information about u r smears etc. 


Sorry if I've just rambled on but I'm sure it'll all be fine. Take care xx

Hi ghgh,

I am sorry that you lost your mum and I can understand why you are so worried, can you speak with the Gp/nurse or even your midwife? My understanding is the same as Charlene87, I have been told that cervical cancer takes around 10 years to develop and I don't think pregnancy will speed the process xx


Im 15 weeks pregnant with twins and it was through IVF, but ive passed my second (medium size) blood clot, 4 weeks after my first one. Ive had bleeding with it. Im scared ive got cervical cancer, but they wont test me because im pregnant, I had a high vaginal swab done at the Early pregnancy Assessment Clinic, She said something about the entrance to my cervix, I think she could see a bleed or something. I go to see a Consultant on 5th December, I was going to tell her about the blood clots and the bleeds. I feel like pain and pressure inside my genital area. I had genital warts with my first pregnancy, I don't know if il get them again.

I had

  • Borderline changes, 9.6.09
  • Borderline changes, CIN1, Biopsy, 8.12.09
  • Borderline changes, Biopsy Inflammation, 15.6.10
  • No Abnormal cells, Biopsy Inflammation, 10.1.11
  • Normal 25.7.11
  • Normal 8.8.12

Im not due my next smear till Aug 2015, but i want one doing now, but being told i myt not get one done till after the pregnancy.