Can't cope with life events...

Hi lovely ladies,

This isn't cancer related but life after cancer related.....

We have to move house.....It was sudden the owner has died!

I have moved LOTS in my life its not something I enjoy but I've

got everything done usually on my own as my husband works abroad.

This time I'm like a jibbering idiot...Can't get my act together to even

think about what to do.I'm crying all the time and everytime I talk to

someone about it I cry.We have already got somewhere else so no probs,

lots of friends waiting to feel useful(I have a hard time letting them help me,

control freak I now know!!!)

Just me been wierd.....

Is it just me or do any of you feel so far from yourself its scary!!

I don't like this wishy washy new me very muchCryYell


Becky x


Hi Becky

Its not just you - some things that I used to deal with really easy now seem impossible ....... and I dont think I have ever cried so much and without any real reason.   It is pants, but you aren't alone xx 

We are moving as well - I have 3 months though to get everything sorted so Im hoping I will cope ok

Good luck with your move .....

Hi Becky

No it's not just you. I cannot do things the way I used to. At some point I was looking at the dishes trying to think of a way to wash them up!?!?!?!

Healing takes time and sometimes it can take longer than we expect but it's really ok. We have been through a lot. We are tired and we most definitely need time. Don't be such a harsh judge of yourself! I am sure you are doing great. Just take things slowly and you'll make it!


After all a new house can mean a new beginning :)

Thankyou so much, FEW!!

That has made me feel better.Although its tough isn't it?


Tracey,good luck with your move,hope we both get our stuff

from A to B with as little stress as poss.With minimal tissue use!!!XxX


Electronia,LOL! The zone out, thought that was just me....Yes,you are right,new start.

Change is good.X

Luckily my husband has been brilliant,even when he has no idea what I am crying about!! :-/ 

Hang in there....Won't always be dark at 4 Xxx


Hi Becky :-)

I'm so sorry you're feeling like this. To be perfectly honest with you, I suspect this is a hormone (lack of) sort of issue because I remember having total mental blank-outs even before I was diagnosed but just beginning to be menopausal (probably). Standing stock still gazing at nothing at all, sometimes teary and completely unable to function. A little over a year after diagnosis I was in desperate need of counselling and found myself a wonderful woman who used a system called CBT. I was highly skeptical about this method but by golly it worked! It has worked on every single aspect of my life/identity and I just don't seem to have these 'hormonal' ditherings any longer. Might be worth a shot?

Good luck all of you!



Thanks :-) I see a lady once a fortnight,she uses the same system,it does work,

just having a blip.Defo hormone related as well.

Everything takes time....It's true what they say

Thanks again ladies Xx

Hi again Becky,

They do say of course that moving house is one of the biggest stresses in life, along with marriage, bereavement and losing your job. previously every time you have moved house has it been your choice? And not forced upon you? That might make a huge difference to how you cope with it emotionally.

I don't think you are being wishy-washy.



Yes enforced change is shite at the best of times!This is the

first time in my adult life that's not my my decision to move so....Been to

see the new house today and feeling a little less stressed,it's

slowly sinking in that all will be fine.If it takes me ages to get straight

then so be it,who's going to be bothered? Me and my OCD will have to

have a break from each other!!

Where I am now I have the best neighbours who look out for

me and thats the main thing I will miss.

So funny because we are only moving 15 mins away :-)

Thanks as always Xx

Big hugs Rebecca we have to crap times to let the good ones in Hope your ok and happy in your new home  iv got all this to start yet xx

Big hugs Rebecca we have to crap times to let the good ones in Hope your ok and happy in your new home  iv got all this to start yet xx

Thanks Lisa :-) X


Hey Rebecca,

I seem to have lost a lot of my coping ability....I get so stressed and overwhelmed with decisions now!

I suppose all the worry will take it out of you in the end.

Good luck in your new home xx

Thanks Jo :-)