Cant concentrate on anything until there results are back

HI everyone!!!

so i went the doctors for my first smear test in august and the results of that came back as inconclusive but i had been reffered to see a gynocologist for a colposcopy as the nurse had said she had seen some bleeding on my cervix. So had that and they said couldnt see anything unusual but hey wanted to do my smear as the nurse at the docs handt got the sample from the right place. HAd smear in nov at hospital and results of that came back as high grade severe dyskaryosis. I was booked in for a LLETZ and cervical biopsy early december. I had them done and they were horrible i must say i was crying and sobbing all the way through and was also told that i may want to think about completing my family as these cells can grown back and the more biospys taken the less chance i would be able to carry a child. Luckily i have a boy and girl but we did want another in a couple of years. So i am still waiting for results of these which the gyno said would be back within two weeks. It will be two weeks tomorrow but i want to know now cos all i can think about is it cancer? will i need more treatmemt? if its not cancer will it come back? can i have anymore children? and so close to christmas aswell i cant concentrate on anything. I need to know beofre christmas. :(:(:(

Oh hon,

the waiting is awful. Start ringing tomorrow if you haven't heard. However try not to worry, I was stage 1 cc and was told from the start that cc was likely and even though mine had progressed to that stage it was all removed at lletz. So you have probably had all the treatment you need. 

Take care, let us know how  you get on.

Molly xx

thanks Mollz im still bloodys waiting :( i rung up last tuesday but they wernt even back from the lab...i went the docs on friday with my son for his appointment and they had a look for me again and still wasnt ittll be three weeks tomoz..if doesnt come in post this morning im going to ring just fed up i wanted to know before xmas...well i was hoping for a clear result for xmas so i could 100% concentrate on me kids...just all a pain x