Cancer worries

Hi all,
Hope I’m posting this right. Never done this before.

I had my first smear aged 24 last year in August. It came back with cin 2. They did LLETZ treatment and that come back with cancer 1a1 so I had more LLETZ which put me in agony… anyhow… I have a read smear in March. My concern is. Ever since then sorry for TMI… anything penetrative down below is painfull. I also get sharp pains on odd days around my cervix area. My periods have become every out of sync. Is this normal or could it be signs it’s come back? I’m so so scared to ring the hospital up but I also don’t want to wait till March unless it is growing.

Has any body had cancer 1a1 had treatment but then it’s come back?

Thank you for reading this. Sorry for long post.

Hi Stacey.  I think it's really rare for 1a1 to come back. I had it 2 years ago and smears since have been clear. For a while I did get different pains, sometimes sharp sometimes achey but I think it's all down to healing, my periods are also different as the cervix doesn't hold it back so seems heavier. If you're worried you could call to try and bring your appointment forward. I had my first follow up appointment 3 months after my second lletz x