Cancer support, please share!

Hi all,

just wondering what support any of you have been offered, through Macmillan or otherwise. I have not been offered any support so far, but wonder if I'm supposed to be asking rather than waiting to be told! I am not sure I'll manage after my hysterectomy without a bit of practical support with the children.

it would be good to gather a little collection of what support people have had, and therefore get an idea for all of us of what we should have access to.


Mollz xxxx

You've got to ask for it honey.Go via your GP or ask your CNS.

Like everything they only give you it if you are strong enough to

ask....Ironic I know.

I got nil assistance from anywhere the first time around.Didn't even

know about free prescriptions.Jo's and online macmillan were life savers.

Becky xx

P.S. I noticed on another post you have been on hystersister's.Don't

buy the support belts,I did and they are rubbish.Just in case that was on your shopping list LOL!

hi Becky, 

this is what I mean! What free prescriptions!? I'm not even sure who my nurse is!

i resisted the belts from hyster sisters but did find a cheapy post caesarean belt on ebay, with pockets for heating/ cooling pads. Thought it would be useful for my period anyway, then the penny dropped! Doh! ;-)

i also got one of those big long pillow jobbies, really comfy but husband felt like he was being pushed out of the bed, physically and emotionally!!!!

i need to get out more.

love, Moll xxx

Hi Mollz

I found out about the free prescriptions from a  post on this site - nobody told me either!  The receptionist at my GP's filled in the form for me and sent it off and I was then sent a plastic card (bank card size) that entitles you to free prescriptions for 5 years.

My CNS was the Macmillan nurse that was in with the consultant when I was told I had CC.

Big pants really helped to support me afterwards and I had a very soft squishy pillow that I had in bed by my tummy that helped support it when I turned on my side.



Hi Mollz, you're entitled to an nhs exemption card, ask your GP for a form, you send it off and get your card back which you use for any prescriptions you need. Saves a fortune!! I've only just asked to be assigned a McMillan nurse through my gp - they can help you fill out any other forms you have. Also ring McMillan for a benefits check to find out if you're entitled to anything else. McMillan have a form for a one-off grant - could be heating costs, New clothes if you've lost weight, towards a weekend away etc. Be specific about what you want the money for. There is a section in it that needs to be filled out by gp (some charge!) Your McMillan nurse or cns. My cns is filling mine out, she's a star!

Regards, Mandy x

Ps don't underestimate the importance of emotional support - my cns referred me to a McMillan counsellor at the hospital. She's been invaluable in the last 10 months.

Mandy x

WHY is it that it seems nearly all of us CC ladies have a struggle to get help???

I had a very small op on my boob,and the whole set up in the breast clinic was different.

I was offered councilling,plastic surgery(anytime after if the scar bothered me,it's tiny!!!) and instant referal if I had any worries!!!

It wasn't cancerous....I wasn't ill.....That was just their normal routine.

Why when this dreadful disease comes into our lives are we not given as much info as poss,to help us help ourselves?

I thought it would have got better after 6 years but it seems not.

Like Mandy say's Macmillan online/call center are amazing helped me with all my benefits.One off heating

payment(apply through your supplier) etc.

Becky x