Cancer support info

Hi all,

I posted a message a while back asking about available support. I just wanted to let anyone else who might be in the same boat know about the support I've been offered in case they don't realise. I have had a form to send off for free prescriptions, got that at my pre op from The onc nurse. My CNS also talked to me about what support I felt I needed, and immediately organised some counselling for me through relate (Macmillan have a link with them now as there was not enough counselling available), and a Macmillan 'Buddy' volunteer has been round to get me on her books so that I can call her for practical support once I'm out of hospital. I'm not expecting to call on her much, especially as I think there are others out there that need her more, but it's good to know she's there! The 'Buddies' will help with all sorts of things like shopping, ironing, cleaning, and lifts to,appointments.

i realise that it might not be the same in all areas, but do ask for help as you never know what's there until you ask! I've been really pleased, and if nothing else it helps to know you're not on your own.

love, Molly xxx

Oh and the counselling,is for as long as I need it! And hubby can come too if he needs a chat! Fab!