Cancer returned?

Just a quick update, had my examination with my consultant today. She did examination and said she couldn’t feel anything but is going to send me for a scan as I was in quite a bit of pain whilst she was examining me. She said she’s pretty sure it felt ok but just wants to be 100% by doing scan just with me being in pain.

Has anyone had anything like this before? I have stopped bleeding and didn’t bleed today so hoping it is from the radiation :crossed_fingers: x

Hi Leanne

Not sure if the same sort of pain that you experienced but I always have pain during internal examinations, my vagina has shrunk so much (effect of radiotherpay plus I decided to give up using dialtors) it can barely handle a virgin’s speculum. I’ve been using topical oestrogen cream (Ovestin) since my last examination so it’ll be interesting to see if my next exam (due next month) will be more comfortable.

Good to hear your bleeding has stopped. Also good that your consultant thinks things felt OK. Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long for your scan.


Thanks so much for replying it’s put my mind at ease that you have pain when being examined. I was fine when she felt around with her fingers but when she entered the spectrum thats when it hurt a bit.

Hopefully your next check up is pain free :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: she did say it’s possible the pain could be down to radiation and it could of narrowed as I’ve not been using my dilators as often as I should. How come you don’t use yours? X

I used dilators regularly following treatment to prevent adhesions. My oncologist said there was no need to carry on beyond 12-18 months unless I wanted penetrative sex which I don’t. I always found using dilators uncomfortable and a chore.

After about 18 months I swapped the dilators for a small silicone vibrator because it was more comfortable to use and I thought it would help keep my vagina in good condition. But I got out the habit what with one thing and another - UTIs being one of them - nothing to do with using a vibrator but because I have to self catheterise (I have urinary retention because of nerve damage during my hysterectomy).

Come to think of it I might resume with the vibrator as a run up to my internal exam next month.


Ohh I see, yeah that’s a good idea. Keep me updated on how you get on with your check up, fingers crossed its not painful.

Yeah i struggle with the dilators in terms of doing them 3 times a week i just forget and then when i set timers on my phone i think ill go and do it in the minute but similar to you it feels like a chore x

Hi everyone me again…. I stopped bleeding for about a week but it’s back again today. Is there anyone who has had the radiation issue that has stopped and started bleeding? X