Cancer research statistics updated


having a pre check up freak out as you do. But I am convinced the prognosis statistics on CRUK website have changed (for the worse) anyone else noticed this? 

Yes they definitely have, I'm a 2b so not liking these new numbers at all. I try not to focus on them ://. Hope your ok only been to one follow up so far and it's scary stuff. 



Thanks for your reply I thought I was going mad!! I will bring it up with my cons on Wednesday. X

Think they should make it clear when producing these number that there are many factors that affect the prognosis and it just scares people. I think the stage 2 section is very vague in its wording too ;/ xx

I'm hoping it's an error. I don't want to put the numbers here in case people don't want to know but it's a big change! My cons told me to not take figures from anywhere else but CRUK. He will be getting his ear bent ! 

Eek! Not looking!

And if it makes any of you feel better, I've now done seven follow-ups, only three to go and the pre-follow-up freak-outs do diminish eventually :-)

Be lucky


EEEK!! Wish I hadn't looked :-(


Holy Fu*king crap!!!!  I really wish I hadnt seen this post, Im a Stage 4!!!!

I told my mac nurse today. She wasn't aware. I think I'm going to ring CRUK tomorrow and get some answers. The numbers are SO different there has to be an explanation . X

At one stage in my life I worked with statistics so I understand them. I hope this little explanation will help to calm you a little.

When a woman is pregnant the chance that her baby will be a boy is 50%. If she already has one son and becomes pregnant again the chance that her next baby will be a boy is still 50%. And for the third and fourth and fifth and sixth and seventh they are all 50%.

So the fact that CRUK has updated it's information has no effect at all on your personal chances of survival. You ARE surviving! There's nothing to suggest that you won't continue to.

Please don't frighten yourself :-)




I rang jo's today and they are going to be in contact with CRUK and find out what's going on. 

Thanks love!


Have we had any news on this? Xxx

I emailed CRUK on Friday. If enough of us do it we might get z quicker answer. There's a 'contact us' email address on their website. 

Wow curiosity got the better of me on this one! I'm a stage 2b and I'm not going to let myself even think of 50% I was told by my consultant in the beginning it was 50/50 and 2 years on I'm still in remission, I also know lots of ladies that are doing well 7 years on. I'm going to be one of them I'm not allowing anyone to give me a statistic that low! 

My nurse has also said to me before out of 10 ladies 7 of them will be 70+ and a lot of elderly ladies can't tolerate the treatment or could die from other things not cancer related, but are still counted statistically. Wether that's true or not it's still something to bear in mind, I know bad things happen to women of all ages during cc it's tough and when your surviving it can effect you. Ladies please don't worry about this I know it's difficult but all of our situations are different and each case is never the same xx

I've got the reply from CRUK. I've taken screen shots of it and it's on my blog for anyone interested. 

Even so, as I explained further up, no matter what the latest statistics say, that does not make any difference whatsoever to your personal probability of survival.

Be lucky :-)


I think I'll stick with we all have individual statistics. Hence why they ask questions like do you smoke? Have you smoked? Are you a heavy drinker? These statistics are all interpreted as a whole when we are all individual. My gran passed away recently from lung cancer that had spread to the brain when there was no indication it had gone anywhere no positive lymph nodes nothing. Maybe just me but I'm not willing to put a 50 50 stake on my life and I'm definitely a glass half full kinda chick and I think as I put it its all a bit of Donald duck (luck) lol.

Charlene xx